October 31, 2018


 "A smooth sea never made a skilled Pirate."




 Shiver me timbers! I can’t believe how Halloween brings out the cheesiest version of myself but this is the real me, ok?



I was super hesitant to even post a costume outfit post this year because I’ve been going through depression and feeling uncertain about my path and particularly about the future of my blog.



 I've been making getting my confidence back a priority. This means mainly focusing on fitness and diet and spiritual hygiene rather than social media.



 However, I love Halloween SO much that I decided to dig deep into my spirit and because this outfit is so dope if I do say so myself. I never would have thought to be a Pirate since I feel like it’s overdone but this costume chose me this year and I was feeling myself and feeling this vibe.



I'll be honest. It was kind of a struggle trying on costumes this year while feeling so insecure in my skin. I hate that our culture values vanity so much and I hate how I seem to feed into it. Another thing I'm really looking to change about myself this year is my values and priorities. In order to do that I've realized I need to take a hiatus in order to get my thoughts straight and to realize what I want, how I can achieve it and sustain it.  



 I will be posting about my hiatus soon but in the meantime I hope you all have the happiest Halloween ever and that you get to indulge in your favorite pumpkin treats. Oh and please, eat some candy! Love you all!


Costume from Playclothes Vintage


Watch me choose my Halloween Costume!



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