October 24, 2018


 “The Way Life Should Be.”

 Gorgeous Maine. Formerly known as “Vacationland.” Crisp air, lobsters, blueberries, and tress that actually change colors with the seasons!

 I’ll be honest, I didn’t know a lot about Maine before planning a vacation with my Mom here. I just learned that Stephen King was from Maine but all I knew is that Susan Collins is the republican US Senator for Maine and that if I saw her I would want to punch her in the face for her Kavanaugh vote.

 Growing up on the West Coast, I’ve never experienced the Fall Season as I felt I was supposed to. Most of our trees stay green and it’s been so hot in the 70’s and 80’s lately that I haven’t had many opportunities to embrace and rock warm Fall Fashion trends.

 Since I don’t travel much or often I wanted to pile together my thoughts, opinions, suggestions, photos taken on my disposable camera app HUJI and reviews for you guys to refer to should you ever plan your own trip to Maine or if you happen to find yourself here for one reason or another.

*Most of the population is old people or dead people. There are tons of cemeteries and even a news segment on Maine’s main news channel stated how they are having trouble getting young people to the state and that the main demographic is OLDER people. Just FYI in case you’re expecting a major nightlight scene. The streets are usually dead quiet by 5:00 or 6:00pm. Thank God I have an 108year old soul and am a 28 year old going on 80. However, Portland has a lot of youth so I image that would be the place to go for an evening. I also hear Kittery (Which I actually believe is in New Hampshire) is packed with young people partying and that they are walking shoulder to shoulder on the streets, that’s how crowded it is!

*Maine doesn’t believe in public toilet seat covers.


 *As to preserve the natural beauty, Maine doesn’t use street signs. Particularly in residential neighborhoods. If you rented a car, make SURE you have GPS on your phone because it’s incredibly hard to navigate and really easy to miss streets.

*It is rural and remote as hell but it sure is beautiful.

*Not the best place from Vegans and Vegetarians. Most Veggie options on most places menu’s are pasta, pizza and eggplant parmesan. Which I’m not exactly mad about.


 *Restaraunts and stores have OFF SEASONS and WEIRD hours. A lot of them are closed Tues/Weds or Weds/Thurs. A LOT of places are closed all day Sunday. Most dinner places don’t open until after 5:00. Brunch places seem to close at 1:00 or 2:00. And some places close for an entire season!

*No one wears make up. And no one is constantly on their phone. Pretty refreshing and inspiring.




Cliff House Maine 591 Shore Rd, Cape Neddick, ME 03902


Absolutely gorgeous location with spectacular views. Our room had a view of the ocean (you can hear the waves crashing day and night) and a fireplace which was a remarkable combination. Cozy beds and beautiful scenery throughout the property that has fire pits at night. Also, if you rent a car they have super convenient complimentary self-parking. The robes were also so comfy and incredible.


The location is so remote that there’s no walkability. The road around the residential area is so curvy and windy and cars go so fast on it that it’s not safe for walking. Also, aside from the fried artichoke hearts, we didn’t find the restaurant, The Tiller, to have spectacular food. We were majorly disappointed with the brunch and found the service to be slow. We drove to Ogunquit (8-10 mins away) for most of our brunches and dinners. Also, for the super pricey rate of the room, we were surprised it didn’t have a microwave or coffee machine in the room. There is however, a Keurig machine in each hallway. Also, one more major bummer. The hotel, for the rate that you are paying each night, shockingly doesn’t provide s’mores materials. They charge $3.00 for a set of two marshmallows, two sticks, two chocolates and four graham crackers. We weren’t amused.




2 Stonewall Ln #2, York, ME 03909
They sell Stonewall products at my local market and I absolutely love them so we visited the headquarters. They have an adorable and delicious cafe. In addition, they offer cooking classes and have a shop where you can sample pretty much all of their products and it’s absolutely divine!




We found a liberal street in Maine! Off Main St. in Ogunquit (pronounced Oh-gone-quit) we saw many rainbow flags and restaraunts and shops. Like I said we had most of our meals here. Most restaurants have their own parking lot but there is public short term and long term (paid) parking easily available too.




543 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907
A gorgeous museum with sculptures outside overlooking the water. They featured work from artist Louis Dodd. I was incredibly impressed by the video installation by Bill Viola called “Fall into Paradise”. It started with a white dot and them formed into a couple embracing and then everything explodes. Super subjective but I got a lot out of it and felt it was really deep. We ask saw muskrats in the back garden! Which I had never seen before.



You can do all these things in one day. The Marginal Way is in Perkins Cove and it’s a gorgeous walk with breathtaking seaside views. Perkins cove is cute but wouldn’t be my first recommendation for shopping. They do have a fun themed holiday shop though. When we went to NUBBLE Lighthouse it was raining but it was a beautiful sight even though it was super windy and cold. We also very much so enjoyed walking around the neighborhood since all the houses were super festive for Halloween. It’s kind of a big deal in Ogunquit.


The largest city in Maine. There were young people! And quite hipster too! The first day we visited we weren’t exactly thrilled but we went back again and loved it once we knew where to go. Congress street and Essex Street are great for shopping. They had wonderful Vintage finds! Also, Portland is known to have some of the best Restaraunts in the entire country, I wish we got to check out more. We visited Allagash Brewery which did not disappoint.




86 Sawyer Mountain Rd, Limerick, ME 04048
This was something I was so excited to experience! We drove an hour and a half (more like two hours because we kept getting lost and confused on the turn abouts). We went to Limerick, Maine called “Libby and Sons” and it was LEGIT. I LOVED the apple picking tool. It literally made me feel like I could conquer the world. We got some incredibly fresh apples and also DONUTS. Apple Cider (Sugar and Glazed), Pumpkin Spice (Sugar and Glazed) and Blueberry (Sugar and Glaze) and they were all heavenly. My favorite sweets I had on the entire trip! It was everything that was representative of Autumn and Fall and made my heart so happy.


-Salem, Massachusetts
This was the second time I visited Salem. The first time I did, I was a kid and I was terrified. As an adult, still terrified but because the energy is so awful. The people had major attitudes (very different than sensitive Californians) and it was congested, touristy and claustrophobic. I guess because it’s Halloween Season. We went to the “Witch House” but it was NOT a Witch House. It belonged to a prosecutor of witches. Still interesting if you’re into history. About an hour and twenty minutes away from Maine.



 -Vermont The Path of Life Garden 36 Park Rd, Windsor, VT 05089
We took our longest day trip and drove 2 and a half hours to Vermont. However, this was my favorite day and a complete 180 from Salem. We went to the “Path of Life Garden”. This was a sculpture garden which started with an installation called “Birth” and ended with “Death” and “Re-Birth”. It was truly incredible, spiritual and so emotional. My mom and I were the only ones there and the weather was gorgeous, crisp, peaceful and pristine. HIGHLY recommend. There’s a cute brewery next door and some cute shops too. We also saw snow on the way there!




369 Main St, Ogunquit, ME 03907
I had the most delicious breakfast burrito and the blueberry French toast was out of this world. Super cute atmosphere and has parking!



335 Maine St, Ogunquit, ME, 03907
Definitely and older vibe and aesthetic. They were playing music from the 1940s. Very classic brunch menu and wonderful service with really nice and large portions.



183 US Route One, Scarborough, ME 04074
Ogunquit’s first restaurant! Personally my fave on the list. It was poppin and hoppin! The staff was young! OMG young people! and they looked so cute wearing tye dye t-shirts that reminded me of home. Beware though, this place is CASH ONLY but there’s an ATM in the front.



87 Maine Street-Box 684, Ogunquit, ME, 03907
This place was also lit! It was very crowded and a long line. They were unstaffed and seemed a little stressed. The atmosphere for this place is adorable. It’s retro sixties diner theme and each table has a different throwback pamphlet to a different year. It was so fortuitous that our table had my birth year, 1989. We also got the Minnie Mouse table!



82 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907
The last place we ate at before we left and it did not disappoint! We had incredible butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds and I had one of the best veggie burgers of my life. My mom got amazing sweet potato fries and I had a house salad with blueberry dressing and it was great. I would go back here again and it’s such a cool location too near all the shops and near the water.



200 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907
Right near the entrance to Perkins cove/Marginal Way. Wonderful and super classic Italian food. They had sassy olive oil (which actually has their own flavored oils and vinegars Shop off Main St). I had the most incredible eggplant Parmesan (which also came with a side of pasta!) and the dressing on our salad was so unique, refreshing and delicious.


1, Ocean Ave unit 5, York, ME 03909
Do yourself a favor and get the fried risotto balls with tomato jam. You’ll thank me later. I will be dreaming of these for days to come and try to make my own because it was so good. It was topped with dill and the tomato jam sauce almost tasted like bbq and it was my FAVORITE thing I ate on this trip. The atmosphere is super cute and beachy. Located in a hotel near the York area


100 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101
We were starving and craving pasta and Solo was here for us. They opened at 5:00 and also had a great butternut squash soup and great pasta as well.


331 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907
Also referred to as “That Place”. Had a great wine list. This was my moms favorite place of the bunch. I didn’t love my pasta but she had a great salmon dish with blueberry balsamic glaze. The atmosphere was very cute and cozy and felt like we were in a home. The bar was super lively due to the World Series and that was fun. I also spotted some youth there too! Parking across the street.



51 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101
Had a very unique tasting. I loved the lavender lemonade best and took some home.




50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103
Offers brewing tour and tastings. We did a tasting and the strawberry and chocolate ganache beers were my favorite. I’m not even a beer drinker in the slightest and I very much enjoyed myself here.



336 Ruth Carney Drive, Windsor, VT 05089
We stopped here after we did the Path of Life Garden and it was perfect. Comfort food (think grilled cheese and pretzels) paired with my cider was perfect.


Honestly the energy was so negative and it was so crowded and claustrophobic. Maybe visit during off season.

This donut shop is famous in Portland for making potato donuts. In theory, sounds like a cool idea but really just tastes like French fries with frosting. Had a line down the block but I don’t think it’s worth the hype! Just not my thing!



Supposedly the best restaurant in town. A newer restraint that is supposed to have impeccable food.

Looked super cute. Shore road has a ton of quaint restaraunts and we didn’t make it to this one this time.

In Vermont, and four hours away from Maine but I would like to do this at some point in time in my life. You get a factory tour and get to wear the dye jackets and I think you even get to create your own flavor. The waitlist is MONTHS long so plan accordingly.

For more behind the scenes of our adventures, check out my Maine VLOG. Part 2 coming soon!

 Have you been to Maine? Let me know if there’s anything I should add to the list! Until next adventure...

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