October 15, 2018

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."-Henry David Thoreau

If we’re being real. And I like to be real in a highly saturated, fully filtered and curated digital world.

 I feel LOST as fuck. I feel tired. I’ve hit a version of rock bottom. I went through the motions of feeling devastated and then those feelings of devastation and loss turned into opportunity.


 Clearly my life isn’t working for me. Instead of accepting that and suffering, I’m working my ass off and planning actions steps to make a change. Lots of change.

 Change is so scary because it requires you to get go. It’s loss even if you are letting go of what no longer serves you. I just feel like my life needs a make-over and that I have so much potential. That my hard work will lead to large rewards. Most of all, throughout all the mental suffering, I think I have a chance at happiness. But it begins with ME.

 I’ve had to do some deep soul searching and ask what I am willing to let go of in order to grow. I’m looking to let go of negative self-talk. I’m looking to let go of all negative and toxic situations and people. I am also willing to let go of fear as much as possible and try to replace it with excitement. After all, it is the same chemical reaction in the body. Maybe I can trick my mind. Who am I kidding? At least I will try.

 It’s kind of daunting to feel directionless. It’s actually overwhelming too. Sometimes I just feel so damn lost and alone and it’s times like these where I am so thankful that I have this blog as an outlet and as a form of expression.

So here’s to all the underdogs and misfits who have absolutely no clue what they are doing in this life. To the ones with the best intentions and the biggest hearts. I get it. I’m here for you. And I know we will figure out shit out, together.

Orange jacket is vintage (Similar HERE)
White t-shirt by F21 (Similar HERE)
Jeans by F21 (Similar HERE)
White Junebug Mules by "A New Day" from Target (Purchase HERE)
Scarf is Vintage (Similar HERE)
Necklace was a gift (Similar HERE)
Lip Color is “Trust Issues” by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Purchase HERE)




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