October 10, 2018


 “Think positive, speak positive, and positive things will happen.”





Ok. So. I’ve spoken at nauseam about how I’ve gained weight and how I’ve been feeling an exponential amount of shame and self-loathing because of it.


 Today I am sharing my story of inner peace. And how I got there. I’d like to state that self-acceptance is a journey. For me personally, I think it vacillates between being super sturdy and super watery.




 The key has to do with the mind, and your thoughts. The first thing I had to do in order to heal from my low self-esteem was to be aware of my negative thoughts. Sit with them but don’t let them control you. Once I was able to identify how I was feeling, I was aware of actions steps to make a change.

 One thing I know for sure is that you can’t achieve anything positive or get any positive results with negative thinking. So I had to change my thoughts. This part is so incredibly difficult so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get there overnight.


 Now, every time I think something negative about my body, I have a conversation with myself in my head. I say, “Hi self. This is a negative thought that doesn’t deserve my energy. I’m going to let this go and think of something positive instead. I love you!” Or something along those lines.


 I’ve realized that if your thoughts are negative, like controls like and that you will be drawn to negative experiences and situations. It’s kind of like living in a dark cloud. The alternative is also true. If you think positively, you will be drawn to things that match your energy. Don’t feel down if you start thinking positively and don’t see results right away. Sometimes life gives us challenges so that we can overcome them and realize our own strength.



 Positivity is power. I know that might be heartbreaking to all the pessimists out there. Thinking positively is a skill and takes practice. I’m a natural born Optimist and believe me, I still have my days. Try not to rip yourself apart if you have them too. But I know for certain I never feel more powerful and sure of myself than when I gain control of my negative thoughts and embrace all of the good things I know I am. Some days, we just need a little reminder.


Button Down Halter Crop Top by F21 (Similar HERE)
Floral Midi Skirt from Target by WhoWhatWearCollective (Similar HERE)
Cardigan by Millau from LF (Similar HERE)
Gold Heel Boots by TopShop (Similar HERE)
Black Hat by H&M (Similar HERE)
Lip color is “Lady Balls” by Tarte (Purchase HERE)




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