October 3, 2018


 So...confession time. I have been super off my Spiritual Game lately. Which is actually a huge problem if you consider yourself to be a Spiritual person, like I do. It actually inspired me to make my “Spiritual Hygiene” video that you can watch (HERE). But yikes. When I’m not spiritually aligned and when I’m not vibrating to my highest potential, I feel dull, sluggish and worst of all stagnant. I’m also less in tune with my intuition and higher self.



 Creating change and making constant different choices that are challenging is always great for new energy and growth. But usually I have to push myself so hard to do so because I’m such a creature of habit! (More on that HERE).

So I’m doing something pretty scary in today’s blog post. I’m going to be super transparent and share my soul homework. AKA where I need to grow spiritually and every single thing I want to work on in order to become, well, the best version of myself that I can be.



Here is my list. I want to work on...
-Learning how to speak my feelings out loud. Not holding my feelings in and vocalizing them regularly.

-Getting better at adulting. (Learning how to be better with bills and money, learning more vegetarian recipes etc)

-Not letting people walk all over me. Learning how to deal with getting bosses around more gracefully.

-Learning how to be a better and more confident leader.

-Eradicating my laziness. Once and for all. Not letting it convince me from preventing myself from going to the gym.

-Getting better with specific details and learning to be less vast.

-Being more curious. Not being so accepting but learning to quest more why things are the way they are.



 -Learn more about politics and the details about where exactly I stand politically aside from knowing that I’m liberal.

-Be more open to being social in order to work on my social anxiety. Making more time for friends and maybe working a little less.

-Work on body positivity and improving my relationship with food. Less binge eating but not tearing myself apart with guilt if I fall off the tracks.

-Less comparison and less time scrolling on Instagram/being on my phone.


 -Get back to daily 30 minute meditations

-Make new affirmation cards and repeat religiously every morning and before bedtime.

-Drink more water

-Travel more

-Work on being less sheltered

-Make more time for gratitude. Far more often.

-Hustle my ass off to make a full time salary from my blog




 -Work in getting open to dating again/working on my fears of a relationship/overcoming situation-ship trauma.

-Get off Zoloft

-Maybe Work with a personal trainer or do Orange Theory Fitness, Zumba or Dance again.

-Get better at putting myself out there

So that’s it...for now. I’m sure more will come. Of course, I won’t be focusing on all of them at the same time because that would be too overwhelming. BUT sometimes like does give us opportunities to work on multiple things at the same time.

I’ve found that when you ask the Universe for something, rarely will you just receive it. It will come through opportunity and hard work. I’m excited to get back on track and work on becoming my best self. 


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