September 26, 2018

 Ooh I’m such a rebel! I’m such a goodie goodie that I never thought I’d say that about myself in this lifetime. Or in any other lifetime for that matter.



 But I am loving my white, 80’s inspired pin stripe suit. I love it because it’s been super warm here and I think anything black and white and striped can be rocked in the Autumn/Fall Season. Every time I wear this look to work I get compliments.



 I’ve been super vocal about how I’ve been struggling to dress in a way that flatters my current body type and this has been really working for me. The waist in the shorts is elastic and then the cut of the blazer is actually oversized but it’s very flattering. Adding a pop of purple for extra happiness. This entire look is head to toe Target and it is my absolute DREAM to be in a Target commercial or to be a brand ambassador for them one day. It’s my favorite store in the world and always makes me feel so good and comforted to be there. For me, going to Target is like going to Disneyland.



 I know that in every post I usually have something relating to the soul and something about internal and Spiritual Growth. But I’ve been hyper focusing on that lately (and a whole separate blog post on that specifically is coming next week) and I just needed a break. I needed to focus on something super external like fashion. And how having the power to put looks together can be a huge source of confidence and empowerment.




 Thank you for sticking with me and supporting me on my journey. Thank you for the love on YouTube and on my Instagram account. I am so grateful for anyone who reads this and anyone who is part of the Iridescent Scarab community. I have a feeling that things are going to be GREAT. 

Lavender Racer-Back Tank Top by Mossimo from Target (Purchase HERE)
Striped Short and Blazer Set by Mossimo from Target (Purchase HERE  and HERE on Clearance!)
Iggby Booties by Report Signature

Sunglasses are Vintage from Buffalo Exchange (Similar HERE)

Necklace is Vintage (Similar HERE)

 Lip Color is "Lady Balls" by Tarte (Purchase HERE)



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