September 5, 2018

 My inconsistencies are helping me listen to my intuition now more than ever.


 Inconsistency. One of my biggest fears. Ever. Since I was a child, I’ve been a creature of habit. I find comfort in routine. In knowing what to expect. In feeling prepared.



 This of course stems from having debilitating anxiety. If I’m prepared for something, I’m more likely to be able to enjoy myself in the moment.



 There are many people though who prefer to live on the complete and total opposite end of the spectrum. They feel bored by routine and stale. They don’t like to commit to anything because they value the freedom of choice. Free spirits and wild souls that I *wish* so badly I was like. I wish I was cool, effortless and carefree.


 But I’m just not that kind of person. I never will be. And that’s ok. Lately, I’ve been forced to come face to face with inconsistencies in my daily routines and I am SHOOK. I think it’s been so good for me. Shaking up my routine brings beautiful opportunity for growth and helps me appreciate my life when I feel stagnant and too comfortable.



 The reason why I’m so inconsistent is because my diet has changed my energy levels. Aka 1,200 a Day makes you feel super low after 3 months and like you want to just sleep. I’m in the trial and error part of my fitness journey where I’m trying to figure out my Maintenance in order to find it how many calories to stick to without feeling like I’m dying. Essentially I don’t have enough fuel and I’ve been having to pick and choose my priorities based on importance. Some nights I’ll sacrifice the gym to meditate. Some nights I’ll sacrifice blog work to attend a Martial Arts class. That’s just where I’m at right now. It’s not forever but it’s something I need to be accepting of. Especially because of my tendencies to spin too many plates at one time and to spread myself thin.



 If anything, my inconsistencies are helping me listen to my intuition more than ever. I feel as though I’m my best self when I’m in tune with myself and listening internally. Life involves sacrifice and life involves growth. I’m truly grateful for everything that I’ve experienced thus far.



Wrap Dress by (Similar HERE)
Hat by (Similar HERE)
Loafers by (Similar HERE)

Earrings by Sugarfix by Baublebar from Target (Similar HERE)
Lip color is “Patina” by Stila (Purchase HERE)


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