August 29, 2018

 No one has it all and if we did, we’d never learn or grow.



 I’ve talked openly before about how “comparison is the thief of joy.” I wholeheartedly believe that to be true. Everyone always says to focus on your own journey and stop comparing yourself to others.


 But what if you compare yourself?


 This is something that I have been doing lately. I’ve felt that it was O.K. since it’s taken my attention away from comparing myself to OTHER people. I put the spotlight back on myself and the insane self-scrutiny was grueling.


 The reason I’ve been comparing myself to myself is because three years ago I was the most fit I’ve been in my entire life. I’ve been obsessing over old photos of myself and dreaming of how to get there again. I would think “if I just keep looking at these photos of myself when I felt my most beautiful, it will give me the exact motivation that I need.” It actually ended up having the opposite effect. I started being super hard on myself and started criticizing myself for going on medication and letting myself go.


 There is opportunity and value in learning to let go of ALL comparison. When I go down this spiral, I shift my attention to SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Yes my body was banging. Yes my hair was long and flowing and Mermaid like. But at the same time my insides and soul have gotten so much stronger since three years ago. I’m more aware of myself and my needs than I’ve ever been. And mostly I’m aware of how unimportant physical appearance actually is in terms of making huge positive change in this world.


 If you used to be a certain way and you’re not now and you’re feeling unhappy about it, I encourage you to embrace it. Honor it as part of your journey. No one has it all and if we did, we’d never learn or grow. Let that be your food  for thought this week! Let me also remind you that if you’re having doubts about your appearance that you’re lovely and wonderful just as you are, simply for existing and adding your unique magic to this world! 

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