August 15, 2018

 Your self-worth is not measured by your social media following. Your self-worth is not measure by how many “likes” you get. Your self-worth isn’t measured by how many clicks you get.

 It’s almost embarrassing how much I need to repeat this to myself. I have had such a rocky and up and down journey with my blog and as a content creator. It took years before I felt as though I found my true vibe and aesthetic and ways to express myself while still speaking out about what I care about.

 It is very difficult to make it as a blogger. There’s content EVERYWHERE and the market is so saturated and the competition is incredible. It’s so easy to compare yourself and get down on yourself because of it. This is something I struggle with so often.

 I want to be vocal and share when I’m not feeling 100%. I want the people who visit and read my blog to know that it is ok to go through ups and downs and it’s ok if not everything you post is a highlight reel. There is so much beauty in the emotional versatility that comes with being human.

 For me, my blog is like therapy so I’m going to share that I’ve been feeling really discouraged. I stopped using an Instagram Growth program and my following has dropped massively. Watch the video I made about this HERE. Since I’m a sensitive person it’s hard not to take that personally. The thoughts I have in my head are something like “what if I just can’t compete with the content out there?” “What if I’m not good enough to do blogging as a full time career?” “What if I’m not like-able?”

 These questions have brought me into a dark place that forced me to do a lot of self-reflection. There are actual, REAL problems in the world. Why does having “followers” and “likes” even matter? I had to get real with myself and recognize how much I feel as though I need to be liked, loved and adored to feel worthy. It’s a direct reflection of my struggles with self-worth.

 My loss of followers and likes has made me stop believing in myself. That is absolutely horrible. Your worth should never be placed in the hands of anyone except your own! My character, my kindness, my empathy, my compassion, my desire to help make the world a better place is absolutely not a reflection of who vibes with my content and who doesn’t.

 What I’ve learned from this is that I’m going to keep being unapologetically myself and speaking my truth. I’m more than happy to express myself and potentially help others with my authenticity even if I don’t make a dime from it. Even if I never make a full time salary being myself and continuing my self-love journey will be more than worth it.

 Working in Social Media can be so tricky and damaging for your mental health. I’ve learned that taking social media breaks and taking days or hours away from my phone is absolutely necessary and helps me heal from my own negative thoughts.

 Does social media ever get you down? Do you ever feel less than when you scroll through Instagram? Why do you feel that way and how do you remedy your negative thoughts? So many questions but I’d love to hear! Hopefully my candidness will help assure you how worthy and important you are regardless of your social media following. Who you are as a human being and the energy you bring to this Earth plus your interactions with others is far more important and something to be super proud of.

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