July 29, 2018


 It’s 90 degrees out. It’s Summer-time. Yet I feel ashamed of wearing anything revealing or sexy because the anxiety of drawing attention to myself makes me feel totally on edge and embarrassed.


 After my weight gain, I’m not going to lie, my favorite part of my body has become my cleavage. I’d like to embrace my figure without being thought of as a slut and without being cat called. I’d like to feel uber confident and own my curves without breaking into a rash the second someone looks at me.



 I dressed in this outfit purposely to be photographed in. I did not roll out of bed in this outfit. I’ve been in absolute LOVE with these polka dotted culottes with an elastic waist. This is for all my soul sisters who love snacking and who love ice cream as much as I do. They are light and comfortable and you can wear them to work too.


When I was walking in the neighborhood to take my own outfit photos I felt so ashamed of myself that I brought a sweater just to cover my chest up with. It’s not even that this is coming from an egocentric place, it’s just that unfortunately, this is the reality for all women. If you walk out in something revealing it will draw attention and often that attention is unwanted.

 I was very paranoid about taking my
photos and covering up in between. I did get cat called and I did get honked at but only twice. I just wish I didn’t care and I wish that women weren’t so sexualized. In this day and age, there's such a fine balance between feeling sexually confident and owning it and feeling shame for it.


 Regardless of my insecurities and my anxiety photographing this look, I love it anyway. I love that once I found my privacy I started to serve looks and I love that I found flowers along the way and put them in my hair. I felt confident and beautiful. This look is something I would wear to a tropical vacation and actually gives me FOMO because I’m not going anywhere tropical this Summer. I of course added a pop of red with my shoes and lip color.



 Do you ever feel scared to dress sexy? Do you even experience unwanted attention when you’re really just looking to own your figure and express/accept yourself? I would love to know your thoughts on this!


Top by American Apparel (Similar HERE)
Tassel Pearl Earrings by F21 (Purchase HERE)
Polka Dot Culottes by F21 (Purchase HERE)
Red Mules from Target by WhoWhatWear Collection (Purchase HERE)



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