July 25, 2018


 “OMG I look so cute!! I look f*cking ADORABLE!”


 How often do we tell ourselves that? And if we do tell ourselves that, how often is that looked at as conceited or cocky?

 I’m celebrating this look today and posting it on the blog because I have been feeling such a lack of confidence lately. I constantly struggle with body image issues and feel as though I’m not good enough or successful enough or worthy enough.


 I put this look together for a YouTube video and liked the outfit so much that I took photos in it! It is so hard for me to put together Summertime looks because my entire wardrobe is SUPER Fall. I love wearing white in the summer and not gonna lie, I’ll be honest, this dress is a little tight on me right now since I’ve been loving on eating ice cream a lot lately. Dieting has not been going wonderfully.


 I realize though that if what I’m dealing with right now is self-esteem issues and confidence, then I am actually really lucky. It’s all about perspective. There are people suffering from diseases all over the world. There are oppressed people. People who don’t have families or a support system. People in trouble with the law. I am so lucky that what I am unhappy about, I have the power to change through dieting and exercise. Not everyone can say the same.


 I know Summertime is a sensitive time and a lot of people also struggle with body image issues. I was seriously mortified wearing a bathing suit on 4th of July but I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m beautiful and lovely no matter what and that who I am as a person is so much more valuable and impactful than how I look on the outside.

 I hope you are all able to work through your own inner demons and own your confidence this season no matter what your shape or size is. Know that I think you’re beautiful NO MATTER WHAT.




 White skater dress by Lulu’s (Purchase HERE)
Vintage head scarf (Similar HERE)
Pom Pom Earrings given to me by my BFF Jenna (Similar HERE)



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