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I'm Leveling Up. Will You Do It With Me?

After dealing with debilitating Acid Reflux, I've decided to make some major lifestyle changes, step up my self-care game and improve my mental health.

I don’t know how to describe this feeling other than, something just clicked. It was as if my mind, my body, and my soul were all in alignment. I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes.

Though it’s certain that I myself am not getting out much lately, I feel as though a lot of people have bounced back from the pandemic, resuming life as normal. Something happened to me during quarantine where I went so far into overprotection mode that I stopped pushing myself to grow and couldn’t part with my comfort zone. Something incredibly hypocritical when I am always promoting the idea of growth and self-expansion and something that I believe is one of my core values in terms of my beliefs in the Universe and how things work. But I get scared and because I didn’t have distractions I was paralyzed by my past traumas even though I was healing in the midst of facing them.

Recently, I’ve felt sluggish, I’ve been having problems with hormones that I am on the road to rectifying but I haven’t been able to shake this feeling of exhaustion resulting in complete lack of motivation. One of the reasons for this is because of my eating habits. I’m a vegetarian who struggles with cooking and eating enough protein and fiber. I believe my eating poorly is the culprit for a lot of my ailments including my hormone imbalance. One thing that has gotten so bad is my acid reflux. I know, I feel like I am eighty years old admitting that I struggle with this. For me, it’s less of a sensation of heartburn and more of a weird feeling of something stuck in my throat and dry sensation. Another thing I picked up during the pandemic. I’ve been working with a Doctor for a little over a year to treat it. It got so much better a few months ago but when I weaned off my medication, it flared back

up again because of stress and let’s be real, my highly acidic diet.

This week I’ve been having such uncomfortable symptoms that it made me decide to make a change. So far, I’ve been really good about eating less acidic foods and I’m starting to feel better, but the process is slow and uncomfortable. Because I want to enjoy food again and stop having panic attacks about my throat closing up as I’m trying to fall asleep, I found the motivation to actually try different things.

This mindset starting from acid reflux is inspiring me in other areas of my life.

-I’m feeling called today change up my exercise routine so I can feel stronger and healthier in my body.

-I’m feeling inspired to drink four of my hydro flask water bottles a day.

-I am wanting to discover the best clothing silhouettes for my body type and slowly integrate more of my color palette into my wardrobe.

-I am amped on my Martial Arts practice after a period of feeling like I was just coasting.

-I am more in tune with and connected to my intuition and spirituality.

These are a few examples but I am really wanting to be the best version of myself I can be. I’m so tired of feeling sluggish, depressed and insecure. I know some days I have to just lean into the depression and start again the next day but lately I’ve been able to find a new fever to just live my best life. I know how much potential I have and it makes me emotional to say that I’m finally in the mindset where I can root for myself.

When you stay within your comfort zone, as much as it pains me to say it, you shrivel up and lose your light. It’s only from facing the things that scare you and overcoming them that you learn how strong and powerful you are.

I am still struggling to push myself in a few other ways and I don’t know how long this will last, but god damn, it’s a great start. And I'm going to take the win!

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