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How To Cope After A Mental Breakdown

We all have mental breakdowns and deal with times where where we struggle with our mental health. There's nothing to be ashamed about. But there is one thing in particular that always makes me feel better and changes the tides to a much more positive headspace for me and helps me heal.

The first thing that I would like to mention is that I am absolutely not a professional. And if you are struggling extra badly, as many are this time of year, I am sending you love and I highly encourage you to please reach out to a professional. What I do, is I share what helps me in hopes that my messages reach the people who need to hear them so that they don't feel alone. Because chances are if you are reading this, you know all too well how isolating it can be to be so inside your own head and consumed with your own thoughts. If you're following me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube you know that I have a very dark sense of humor and use comedic videos as an outlet for my own mental health but know that just because I make jokes in my videos doesn't mean that I don't take the subject matter very seriously.

For the past three years, I was discovering different things and kind of let the things that used to bring my joy fall to the wayside. I stopped singing lessons and I stopped going to dance class in order to pursue more digital skills and embrace that lifestyle. It wasn't until recently that I realized just how big of a void that left in me. And how much creativity and being in the body is essential for me to deal with the intense emotions in my body. Whenever I have reached my breaking point mentally, and if I don't need to be gentle and rest for a minute depending on how bad it was, then I immediately get into my body. My favorite way is to dance it out. Dance out the pain and leave it all on the dance floor. Because when I am in my body, the pressure that is happening in my mind tends to alleviate. And something magical happens when you dance, and the brain releases dopamine and endorphins and you automatically feel better than you did before. I can't believe I let this major healing outlet disappear for me for so many years. No wonder why I was feeling so unfulfilled creatively for so long.

Now, I can't say that this will be a magic fix for everyone. There are some people that hate dancing if you can even believe it. So if dancing isn't your speed, try exercising. The gym, yoga, martial arts, any physical activity. And if you aren't in the headspace to bring yourself to complete a physical activity (which yes, happens, and I've been there too) then try to focus your mind on your body. How it is feeling, what parts of the body feel activated and maybe journal about it.

I can't emphasize this enough but it is so important to have coping mechanisms and tools to deal with your mental health. Mental Health struggles for me have always come in waves but when they get bad, they get bad and I know that having certain outlets and a support system has been a major factor in how I overcome these issues.

And as I post more and more and put myself out there on the internet I am realizing what a dark place the internet can be and how good intentions can always be misconstrued. Sometimes without the context of a caption (which a lot of people don't read) people make assumptions about you that aren't true. I'm grateful to be learning these lessons and tapping into my own inner strength, and regardless of the assumptions made I know that my intentions and my heart are pure.

In light of the tragic news about tWitch today, a leader in the Dance world who ultimately lost his battle with mental health, I am sharing resources. You never know what people are truly dealing with on the inside:

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

Love love love you all with all my heart. Now please enjoy me being absolutely silly and goofy with my grooves and moves in honor of Lady Gaga x Wednesday Addams x Madonna!

Iridescent Scarab™

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