Digital Dress-Up: White Puff Sleeves

A brand new feature where I dress myself up in couture virtually.

So, right now I'm in a really weird place with my blog. It took me so many months and years to heal from the burn-out of being a fashion blogger and to gain enough courage to put myself out there again in a different way. I just missed the creativity and I missed the outlet I had that my blog gave me to express myself. When I was taking fashion classes, I was making a lot of PowerPoint Presentations that ended up looking like magazines. I thought I was going to turn my blog into more of an online magazine but I've realized I've fallen so much more in love with my Digital Dress-Up series and am now contemplating that be the main content on my blog. Is that crazy? It's a little weird but so is this world that we live in! This might be my last grouping for a while.

I thought it would be so cool to put three similar looks with a similar color palette together with similar backgrounds but that has proven to be quite difficult and time consuming. I think I want these looks to speak for themselves individually sometime in the near future like they do when I post them on Instagram but in the mean time I will still be intermittently posting my round ups and magazine-like content that I spent quality time on. The second I put up my new website I am already feeling the call to change it again! But sometimes you have to take a risk, and actively do something in order to get data and insight as to what is working best for you. It all starts with bravery. Oh and I totally threw in a little Star Trek nod because I'm super obsessed with that show right now. While I get my life together, please enjoy these white puff/ruffle sleeve looks. :-)


I really like how this look turned out! It was mostly an experiment but I decided to share anyway. I'm kind of getting late 90's-early 2000's vibes from it. I am always a fan of how white shirts with big puffy sleeves look against pleather jumpsuits. There's a very cool dichotomy there. The doc martens, bucket hat and the mauve lips give it a dated yet modern feel. The look is completed with white Dior sunglasses and layered necklaces. Do we like the incorporation of real backgrounds? I do! Also, I apologize. I am still getting into the swing and organization of things and lost the original source to this pleather jumpsuit but will include a similar one in the links. I love animals so much that whenever I find vegan or faux leather options, I'm elated!

EACH X OTHER Faux Leather Wide-Leg Jumpsuit ($274.00) (Original jumpsuit is no longer unavailable so this one is similar)

Solace London Pia Puff Sleeve Cropped Top ($153.00)

Dr. Martens Jadon Flatform Chunky Boots ($180.00)

Dior Eyewear White Tinted Square-Frame Sunglasses ($751.00)

Nanushka Serge Regenerated Sunhat In Black ($325.00) (Original hat is no longer unavailable so this one is similar)

Gucci Silver Necklace ($450.00)

Gucci Letter E Pendant Necklace ($450.00)


There's something about a plaid or a gingham print for Spring. I love the way green and white look together and kept it simple with just those two colors. Huge, statement ruffled blouses are super romantic and feminine and fun and are great layering pieces for dresses or jumpsuits. Speaking of layering, I did just that with these beautiful necklaces. The green sunglasses match the dress and pull the look together. As for the shoes, I've always been intrigued by Margiela's Tabi Boots. When I saw Margiela collaborated with Reebok I knew I needed them for this look immediately. They are casual but have the signature tabi toe of Margiela and are so elevated because of it.

Zimmermann Lovestruck Cropped Ruffled Bodice Top ($650.00)

Cynthia Rowley Stella Mini Dress ($365.00)

Gucci Round-Frame Sunglasses ($495.00)

Maison Margiela X Reebok Tabi Instapump Ankle Boots ($1,112.00)

Astley Clarke Choker ($136.00)

Mizuki Metallic Akoya-Pearl 14kt Gold Necklace ($590.00)

Jil Sander Hanging Wire Pearl Necklace ($1,050.00)