Be Right Back, Under Construction

A new era of Iridescent Scarab is coming. Please be patient while I am working hard behind the scenes to bring exciting new content and an exciting new brand into the ether.

The days of Iridescent Scarab as a fashion blog are over but this is not new news. RIP to my fashion blog, 2014-2018. If you are reading this, I'm sure you know that I took a much needed break from my website and from social media until now. I felt like not only was I addicted to my phone but also like I was losing a piece of my soul on the regular. I wanted and needed more than the content that I was delivering and to be honest the life I was living as a blogger was lonely and isolating. During my break, I went through many life-changes and found myself taking fashion courses at Santa Monica Community College. I am currently feeling more inspired than ever to share what has lit my soul on fire so much, while using my blog as a medium to do so.

Now, my new content will consist of me sharing my favorite fashion finds on the internet, and my shopping guides. It will also include fashion (and personal) advice as well as all things that inspire me, that I find beautiful. I am currently working on a very special series that I can't wait to release very soon. In addition, I will also continue to do my own graphic design work for each blog post. Immersing myself in fashion was a huge way I was able to maintain my mental health during this trying time. I look forward to seeing how my content will continue to shift into more of an online magazine, as that's how I now envision it and feel most connected to it presently. Though I will be focusing less on mental-health and more on shopping, fashion and graphic-design, my journey will always be a part of me and mental health will be something I deal with for the rest of my life. I can't imagine it not creeping into a few posts here and there. After-all, the goal is for me to provide half an online magazine and half a personal blog which will equate to a unique experience on the internet. Thank you for coming along and supporting me through this new journey. Every new start and every risk taken includes a lot of vulnerability and bravery and though I am feeling those things deeply, I don't want to hide anymore when I have so much creativity and perspective that I'd like to share with the world.

As I continue to re-vamp my website, social media pages and brand to what is most in alignment with my current values, I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and that they will find a level of solace and experience escapism through my new content.


Erin (your forever Iridescent Scarab)