10 Trench Coats I'm Eyeing (In Every Color)

Trench Coats are a chic necessity for the ever changing weather of Spring. These are the ones I've got my eyes on and of course, I found one I love in every color.

1. Forever and Faux Leather Belted Trench Coat, Nasty Gal $59.00

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear and I don't have nearly enough red pieces. Since pleather is having a nice statement moment right now I wanted to embrace it. I love the darker tone of red though I would fully embrace an "Oops! I Did It Again" red vinyl jacket as well. Red is assertive and powerful but is also a dream when paired with black, white and denim.

2. Vinyl Trench Coat, BooHoo $40.00

Though this trench is listed as "Chocolate" on Boohoo's website, it definitely reads more rusty orange to me. I love the shine and texture of this coat and you don't see too many people rocking orange so it's unique. It would work wonderfully on a rainy day and I love how it is styled with a tie-dye mesh turtle neck. I would wear this whole look so hardcore but since I'm not a huge sneaker girl, I'd swap them out with some square toed black ankle boots.

3. Positively Conscious Faux-Leather Coat, Apparis $143.00

Yellow is such a happy color and it deserves to be more than the color associated with most rain jackets. I love the length of this jacket and it still boasts the traditional trench coat silhouette. I would never think to pair it with a moss green skirt and orange clutch but I'm very intrigued by that color combination and am inspired to step out of my comfort zone with it. This coat is also on sale and at an amazing price for the quality that it is!

4. Sienna Faux Leather & Faux Fur Coat, TopShop $127.30

Green is one of my favorite colors and there isn't a shade of green that I don't like. This color is a bit more earthy and I absolutely love the coziness of the faux fur collar accent! This trench looks warm and the color is so unique that it can be worn year round. Call me crazy but I'd love to rock this coat in the autumn with a black halter body suit and a pair of leopard flare pants!

5. Metallic Trench Coat, INC International Concepts $139.50

This shade of blue really reads Spring to me and I also adore anything and everything monochromatic. This means I am also living for the t-shirt and joggers worn with the trench. However, I'd probably swap the t-shirt for a turtle neck and even though I just said I'm not a sneakers girl I can really picture myself running errands in this look with a pair of white Hanes and white sneakers. If I'm feeling really ambitious maybe wear a baseball cap too!

6. Faux Leather Trench Coat, INC International Concepts $189.50

Now this is my ultimate power color. I always feel absolutely amazing in a peacock blue. It's bold, it's bright, it ties at the waist and is so sophisticated looking but can also be styled in a really fun and funky way. I think INC is killing it at Macy's right now and I'm a fan. I would wear this so hardcore.

7. Take the Lead Faux Leather Coat, Nasty Gal $44.00

There's something about this exact shade of purple that I absolutely love. I think it's the fact that there seems to be a lot of blue mixed in so it's almost an indigo. Regardless, the length is perfect, I love the button details and of course the pockets. I love how it is styled as a dress but I would love rock this trench with a white tee and black jeans with some white ankle boots.

8. Lexie Nylon Trench Coat, Stand Studio $232.00

The perfect spring for pink. Bubblegum pink is predicted to have a huge moment for the spring but I love how this pink almost has some purple in it. Since I'm pale with pink and cool undertones I think this would look really work on me. Note the super cool and edgy texture of the jacket. It just looks so much more expensive than it is and it also comes in the absolute perfect shade of red. I also like that it doesn't have a tie like a typical trench, since I usually don't wear my trenches with them anyway, I tie them in the back.

9. Transparent String Overcoat, RAINS $185.00

This is one of the coolest trench coats I've seen on out there right now. It's a transparent chocolate brown and it almost looks edible or like it's liquid and this makes it look very couture. It also has really unique and intentional scrunching above the hips to give the silhouette a bit of a waistline since trench coats can be so boxy looking. This is the perfect piece for the rain and it looks great styled with all black but can be worn so many ways. This would definitely make me look cooler than I actually am if I wore it and I'm here for that.

10. Lucia Noir Vegan Leather Trench Coat, Apparis $190.00

This is the definition of the the perfect black trench. I am seeing pleather everywhere and that makes my vegetarian and animal loving heart so happy. This coat will go with literally anything and it an absolute wardrobe staple and because it's pleather it will do well in the rain but will also look super elevated when it's simply cold outside. I would love to wear this coat over a dress but also looks amazing with jeans.

Basics to pair with any of these coats: