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10 Bougie Pajama Sets I Want (But Will Probably Never Have)

There are many things I daydream about. Aside from world peace, the end of racism, and healing our planet, living in a mansion with impeccable interior design and wearing expensive silk pajamas are regularly what I dream about. I strive to be the queen of my own castle one day.

Although things are looking up with the Coronavirus vaccine and things are re-opening, there will never be a time where I don't want to be in pajamas all day. Even with going back to work and going out with friends, I am forever changed by the Pandemic and will always prioritize comfort. Therefore, I seek uber luxurious pajamas that I can wear to bed, but can also super easily pull off as a matching set or style with a pair of jeans. Theres are the coolest pairs I found on the internet.

The rainbow pj set of my dreams. I think this would be lovely all year long because of all the colors but tasteful enough to pair with regular clothes because of the amount of white in it. It's easy for rainbow to become gaudy but this set is the exact opposite.

Karen Mabon is one of my favorite sleepwear designers. I got her "Wish You Were Here" pajama set for Christmas and I'm in love. It's so silky soft it almost feels like wearing air. I was shook by her new Agatha Christie collaboration because these pajamas quirky yet so effortlessly cool looking and I live for that combination.

Silk luxury glamour at it's finest. The black and white snake pattern against the pale blue is both absolutely stunning and absolutely fierce. Easily wearable as separates or worn together with a black bralette.

I love the look of multiple prints mixed together in one garment. However, it's easy for it to become overwhelming or make you feel dizzy but Desmond & Dempsey did it right. I would wear the top with black jeans or the bottoms with a black body suit. I adore the pomegranate detail in the patten too.

A new designer I haven't heard from but am immediately impressed by. The ingenuity and originality of their designs (they have multiple silk sets) are fresh and inspiring. I love the drawings and the messages. I look forward to the day when I can afford these luxury and high fashion silk sets, seriously I am in awe of how cool and unique this set is.

*Edit: I just found out this brand was created by Alber Elbaz the creative director behind Lanvin, who just passed away. This pick is extra special now! RIP.m

If you're dreaming of expensive sleepwear but not dreaming of Versace, you're not dreaming big enough. These colors are stunning for spring but I also love the mosaic look of them. Easy, breezy and light yet so high fashion. I'm in love.

Of course, another Sleeper set. I'll forever be dreaming of owning this set in every single color until I can afford them. The blue gingham is the springtime fantasy. I'd love to wear the top with leggings and fancy white mules. I'd also love to wear the pants with a white puff-sleeve top. The feather trim is everything.

Of course, I needed a yellow set in my list. It's the perfect shade of yellow too, not quite pastel but not neon. Like sunshine. These pajamas are beautiful with dainty florals and they even come with an eye mask. If I automatically feel happy when simply looking at them, imagine how happy my dreams will be if I'm sleeping in them.

I'm not sure if the silver version of the set is still available but regardless the traditional cheetah print is gorgeous too and so is the red version. I feel like everyone needs a matching set of leopard silk pajamas because they're so fun but also so classic.

These pajamas make me want to travel or become the female version of Indiana Jones. The Sagittarius in me is lit up by these pajamas. The stripes are going in the right and most flattering direction, the color combination of golden yellow and green is beautiful and the monkey detail and silhouette of the blouse is too cute. Plus they are on sale!

Iridescent Scarab™

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