10 y2k Necklaces From Etsy That Don't Look Juvenile

Updated: Sep 13

The y2k necklace trend has blown up over the internet. However, if you're over thirty it's hard for them to not read super young. To avoid FOMO on this super fun trend, I picked ten wearable necklaces that don't come off as adolescent but instead come off as simply stylish.

It's hard for me to open my explore page on Instagram and not see a y2k era pearl and glass choker necklace or something to that extent. I'll admit, as much as I love all the trends coming back from when I was ten years old, I have to be very careful not to overindulge in them and be mindful of what I'm pairing them with. With these necklaces being both fun and colorful they can also tend to come off as summer camp or rave candy real quick. The trick is to avoid a loud combination of statement hearts, stars and custom name beads and instead embrace pearls, glass and seed beading. Another trick is to pay attention to the color schemes. Since I love Etsy and supporting small businesses, I rounded up a list of ten necklaces that look classy yet fun and that can be worn and styled multiple ways whilst keeping your integrity and maturity intact.

Photo credit (Left to Right): @chungawawa, @eliou__, @raddrip, @mayol_world, @clarissa_ladner, @dualipa, @oopsydaisy.jewellery, @mayol_world

1.Black Mixed Bead Fairy Pearl Necklace by EvergreenWitchcraft, $28.00

Starting off with some edge is this black and white gorgeous pearl necklace. I truly hope there are still some available by the time this post is live because I had a lot of trouble finding black and white y2k necklaces that didn't involve a ton of pandas and mushrooms. For styling, I'm picturing pairing this with a black graphic t-shirt (maybe even with a collar peaking out if we're feeling extra witchy) with a pleather black jumpsuit underneath it. This is such a fun dark twist on this trend because you immediately think of neon colored or glittered candy pieces when you think of these necklaces. The black and white is more practical and mature and will go with almost anything, plus I love the front silver circle detail.

2. Elena y2k Necklace by RadDrip, $34.75

RadDrip's Etsy shop is so cool it was hard to pick just one necklace from them. This necklace to me is really elevated and super artsy looking with the mixture of pearls and the choice of charms. I mean, if there's a freaking fairy, a lock and a metallic happy face in once necklace situation I'm all about it. Because the tiny happy face is metallic, it doesn't read as young as a neon or bright yellow one would. I'm also a sucker for silver jewelry so I think this piece is super unique and amazing. It's multi-colored without being loud and it's elegant and fun.

3. Ladybug Pearl Necklace by ShopLucyBoutique, $18.00

I love ladybugs so I automatically adore this necklace. I also own way too much blue for my own good so this would go with about 90% of my entire wardrobe. I love that there's a lady bug because in these y2k style necklaces, you see a lot of happy faces, yin & yang symbols, hearts and stars but I think the lady bug is quirky and distinctive. This necklace also looks equally cute and cool in purple which is the other shade it comes in, if that's more your vibe.

4. Bubble Bath Beaded Necklace, by OopsyDaisyJewellery, $43.51

I love absolutely everything from OopsDaisyJewellery's shop because it is so joyful and colorful. They are UK based brand and you can tell a lot of attention to detail goes into each piece. I had a hard time choosing between this necklace and their lemon necklace because I am trying to incorporate more sunshine yellow into my wardrobe, and into my entire life to be honest. I can't get over how fun the bubble bath theme is and because it's paired with peach toned gems and pearl it doesn't look too young to rock for us Millennials. If the color yellow isn't your taste, they have multiple pieces in every color for you to choose from.

5. Colorful Chunky Chili Choker by yahimavirgo, $16.00

Who knew 2021 would be the year that I'd be so into chili jewelry pieces? What can I say, I'm a fire sign so I like it hot! I love the more neutral color scheme of this necklace next to the bright red chili piece in the middle. In addition, the seed beads give off a more grounded vibe and are a great addition. I was torn between choosing this Yin & Yang necklace but it looks like it would be way to small for my neck since I'm really sensitive to super tight chokers. And also like I said before, Yin & Yang symbols are all over this trend but the chili pepper is a more rare and bold choice.

6. Beaded Necklace by PearlsLondon, $21.75

Ok, we're getting into multi-colored rainbow territory now, which excites me! There is such a huge variety in the colors and patterns of the beads and it looks gorgeous with a statement pearl piece in the center as opposed to pearls mixed in. It would also look amazing paired with some pearl drop earrings too. This would be really fun for summer-time and would really elevate a bright or black graphic t-shirt. PearlsLondon also has some really fun Evil Eye necklaces in blue and green that would be great for layering on top of this necklace.

7. Mixed Glass Bead Necklace by TiggyCustard, $23.23

This necklace is the perfect mix of fun, bright and colorful. The beads are just so beautiful and yes, I did include another lady bug piece because this one was red and the other was blue and I like to provide variety. I also love that these beads look very high quality. When I think about a way to wear the y2k necklace trend without looking like I'm ten years old, this is it. Wear it solo or layered with a white cropped polo t-shirt, leggings and jean jacket for a low maintenance and relaxed vibe. If you're looking to go more fancy or dramatic this would look great with a monochromatic red look too.

8. Candyland Necklace by BSDesign1, $16.00

I don't think I can put into words how much I love this necklace but I will try. It is so cool looking and the square beads look like tiles. The blue and white beads remind me of fine china which is so much more expensive looking than how it's priced. This necklace is a similar to the one before but is slightly less expensive with a different variation and shape of the beads. I also love the way blue and green look together and it's one of my favorite color combinations. To me, this necklace reads really artsy and fun and I would layer it with a pearl necklace and another glass bead necklace, though it looks lovely on it's own. I also really thought this dragon necklace was pretty badass too.

9. Fun Flirt Pearl Necklace by ShopGeminiJewels, $35.99

I actually just ordered another necklace from ShopGeminiJewels and I absolutely love it. The packaging was super cute and it was very nice quality. I also like that you can adjust the necklace so that the choker isn't super tight and that theres a tiny gold heart near the clasp chain. This necklace is made with 18k gold and freshwater pearls with a few charms thrown in. I feel like even though there's a huge yellow happy face, the way it's spaced out and mixed with glass beads and pearls made it way more wearable, plus it looks a lot fancier.

10. Emerald Evil Eye Necklace by ArrondiCo, $38.82

Last but not least, we have this gorgeous emerald and pearl evil eye necklace. I've been having so much fun seeing evil eyes incorporated into this trend. For those that don't know, it is a symbol of protection. I wanted to give an alternative option that isn't a tight choker and that isn't multicolored. The length of this piece is perfect for layering and the combination of green, white and gold is both flattering and wearable.

Which necklace from this list was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section. I hope you are excited to spruce up your jewelry with some fun pieces just in time for Spring and Summer. In the meantime, happy shopping! :-)