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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

about photo erin ashley

Photo was lightly edited on the Lensa app.

Stats About Me

Age: 34

Blood Type: O+

Myer's Briggs: INFJ

Enneagram: Type 9

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Capricorn

Rising: Taurus

Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw & Gryffindor via Pottermore but probably Hufflepuff

Ilvermorny House: Wampus

Signature Scent: Dior's Hypnotic Poison

Favorite Season: Autumn 

Kung Fu Rank: Red Sash 

Religion: Pasta & Wine

Color Palette: Dark Autumn

Thank you so much for stopping by my colorful little space on the Internet and for your support throughout the years! My name is Erin Ashley Goldman and I'm a digital creator and the founder of Iridescent Scarab. I've created content for and collaborated with brands like Happy Socks, Suja Juice, Beauty Counter, and more.


My website was originally established in 2014 and has gone through so many iterations, it gives me vertigo. From fashion and wellness to mental health, back to fashion with a touch of graphic design, something was made abundantly clear when a light bulb went off and I realized that my heart and soul truly belong to mental health advocacy.


Though my love of fashion and graphic design will remain, as trends come and go and ultimately fade, at the end of the day taking care of my mental health will always be my constant. After taking a few years' hiatus from posting regularly I missed this outlet as a form of self-expression and community. It occurred to me that by not posting and still using social media that my voice and perspective were lost. Now that I've found it I plan to use it for good.

My goal is to empower the emotionally intelligent and unite those struggling with mental illness by encouraging self-love, self-acceptance, inner strength, and resilience. It is also to create a safe and uplifting place for all but primarily the introverts, HSPs, and Empaths of the world. To those like me who are programmed to wear your heart on your sleeve, I'd like you to remember one thing. You are not alone.

A little bit about me, I suffer from Anxiety & Depression, I am an introverted Empath and HSP as well as a recovering people pleaser. I struggle with setting boundaries and when I am stressed, I'm an emotional eater. However, throughout the years I've learned that my struggles don't define me. I absolutely love pickles and smiling all the time! I'm a foodie who loves fancy cocktails and enjoying the finer things in life like art and beautiful architecture. I am obsessed with perfume and I'm a gifted Martial Artist due to eleven years of dedication to my craft. My spirituality is very important to me and I've always dreamed of changing the world for the better. This platform is where I will start, along with an army of mental health warriors.

Symbolism & Values

-I get a lot of questions about why I use the scarab as my blog name and symbol. It is because I've always been fascinated with the Ancient Egyptians and the scarab symbol keeps me connected to my own spirituality. It represents rebirth, transformation, protection, and good luck. The word iridescent is used because I believe in inclusivity and embracing every color. Whether it be skin tones or representative of emotions, iridescence to me represents diversity and acceptance. Additionally, and personally, when I was thirteen I received a beautiful scarab necklace from jewelry designer Neil Lane himself. I will cherish this necklace forever. 

"ALL Black Lives Matter, women's rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, and no matter your faith or ability kindness is everything.”

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